The Victory Ignition Concept Was Designed By Urs Erbacher

The Victory Ignition Concept motorbike is a two-wheeler, recently shown off at the Milan Motorcycle Show, that was designed by none other than the famed European drag motorbike racer and custom bike builder Urs Erbacher.

As a result, this bike features a notable aggressive design and performance specs that match the appearance. This bike also happens to be different from typical Victory bike models in that it doesn't feature the usual 106 cubic inch engine setup seen in these offerings.Instead, Urs Erbacher's motorbike is equipped with a 1,200 cc engine that pumps out plenty of power using a four-valve design.

This concept motorbike is a great example of a vehicle whose design and performance reflect the personality of the main creative force behind it. Erbacher knows a thing or two about what makes a great motorbike, and that much is evident in the Victory Ignition Concept.