The Spherical Cakes at Compostela are Named After Different Planets

 - Nov 30, 2017
References: instagram & straitstimes
Unlike other cafes in Seoul, Compostela sets itself apart with sphere-shaped cakes that are truly out of this world. Instagram-friendly and perfectly indulgent, the tiny cakes are a hit among locals and foreigners alike.

The spherical cakes are the brainchild of Compostela patissier-chief executive officer Kwon Young-mi. She was initially inspired to create planetary cakes based on the name of the cafe, which originates from the Latin phrase 'Campus Stellae' or 'field of stars.' To keep the planetary theme going, she named her cakes after each of the planets in the Solar System. The Mercury cake consists of a mascarpone cheese mousse and espresso jelly center surrounded by a layer of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, while the Jupiter cake combines Earl Grey tea with milk chocolate. There is even an Earth cake that consists of a pecan pie base topped with chocolate mousse covered with a dome-shaped chocolate shell.