The Companhia Athletica 2011 Ads Tells You to "Spend More Time on You"

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: ddb & ibelieveinadv
As the weather gets warmer, you will probably notice your gym becoming more and more packed as people get a jump start on the fitness wagon for those trips to the beach; enter the Companhia Athletica 2011 ad campaign. Although it advocates getting into better shape, I like that it sends the message "Spend time on you," so as to drive home the idea that you shouldn't be exercising for someone else's opinion.

Conceived by Sao Paulo-based ad agency DDB, the Companhia Athletica 2011 ad campaign cleverly links people's inert hobbies with gaining weight. By focusing on oneself, you live a little more as well without losing one's identity. Overall, the Companhia Athletica 2011 ad campaign embraces long-term changes rather than short-term goals.