This Slim and Compact Phone Actually Sheds the Most Hi-Tech Features

 - Dec 28, 2015
References: & likecool
In a world where so much of technology is moving in the direction of increased capability, it's unusual to see a concept for something like this compact phone. The Elari CardPhone has been designed specifically as a stripped-down modern mobile for the person who really doesn't need any frills on his device.

Looking much like a calculator, this "anti-smartphone" retains the features for making phone calls, and not much else. Measuring the size of a credit card, it's for quick and convenient contact, especially during travel, and can accommodate foreign SIM cards. Contact information saves to the CardPhone through an automatic syncing process to your primary handset, and a case is actually available to facilitate their pairing. This compact phone may first seem backwards, but it actually denotes a growing consumer interest in returning to simpler gadgets.