The Versatile PenstiX by Yuan Design is Easily Packable

 - Aug 2, 2014
References: indiegogo
PenstiX is a compact pen-sized chopsticks that is being touted as the smallest version currently on the market. Not only are they the size of a pen, but they fit neatly inside such stationary as well. Relying on disposable chopsticks is irresponsible considering that options like these compact pen-sized chopsticks are available. Taking only a moment to unfold and snap into place, they are a personal alternative to the traditional solution thus far.

Designed by James Lin, Allen Lee, Fanson Meng, Anna Hsu and Cindy Lin of Yuan Design, the compact pen-sized chopsticks are great for everyday use as well as adventurous occasions such as camping and hiking. And they are versatile enough to be used for different functions other than eating. The PenstiX is currently vying for funds on Indiegogo.