These Community Cooking Gadgets Add a Social Element to the Kitchen

 - Aug 13, 2013
References: youtube
While cooking alone can often be a relaxing task, community cooking adds a social element to the culinary arts that transforms cooking from a dull, required task to a fun activity that can be shared among friends. Trend Hunter Editor Jaime Neely absolutely loves food and cooking, so it was no surprise that she found some of the coolest social cooking gadgets from around the web.

Jaime's favorite community cooking device is a dating app that matches up potential paramours based on the leftovers and cooking ingredients they currently have in their fridge. Whether you've got every ingredient under the sun filling your fridge, or just a sad jar of two year-old relish, this dating app will find someone who matches your eating habits.

Another one of Jaime's finds is called the Motherspoon. This invention adds a bit of high-tech flair to the kitchen. When placed near food, the Motherspoon detects which ingredients are being used, then generates a recipe to help budding chefs create the best possible confections. The Motherspoon can also connect to different social media platforms, allowing the cook's friends to comment on what they're making in real time.

With these fun and fabulous community cooking gadgets, the kitchen will never be a lonely place again.