The Color Pencil Tree is One Way to Save Trees Slated for Removal

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: daverittinger & neatorama
The Color Pencil Tree is a public art installation proposal dreamed up by Dave Rittinger, an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. A creative, cute and child-like creation, it would brighten up any landscape in an instant. As its name alludes to, the concept revolves around a cleverly carved tree and many different colors of paint. Essentially, the branches of a tree would be carved to resemble color pencils.

Designed with North Philadelphia in mind, the Color Pencil Tree is part of a larger project to save trees slated for removal for the redesign of a city park. Rittinger writes, "My work is often playful, colorful and incorporates a sort of metaphorical blending of objects and function, so the fact that pencils are made of trees just made perfect sense."