Check-Cap is a Swallowable Capsule that Screens for Colon Cancer

 - Sep 3, 2015
References: check-cap & digitaltrends
The Check-Cap will revolutionize the way colon cancer screenings are done thanks to its non-invasive capsule design. The Check-Cap is engineered to be a pill-sized camera that can be swallowed to investigate the colon area and screen for cancer cells.

Unlike a traditional cancer screening that can be incredibly uncomfortable and prying, the Check-Cap offers a much more subtle solution that is barely noticeable by the body. The Check-Cap is essentially a capsule camera no bigger than the tip of a thumb that can be easily swallowed. The camera uses X-ray properties to take 3D images of the colon as it moves naturally through the body without disturbing the individual. All the data is captured on an external drive allowing the cancer screening process be incredibly detailed.