CollegeBacker Gifts Lets Friends and Family Donate Money for College

 - Jun 23, 2017
References: collegebacker & producthunt
CollegeBacker Gifts is a new feature that allows friends and family members to donate to a child's college fund. CollegeBacker was originally created to make it easy for parents to start a tax-free 529 College Savings Plan. CollegeBacker Gifts extends that to friends and family. The process is designed to be as simple as possible and donations can range in size from $25 to $500. CollegeBacker Gifts pulls the funds directly from a credit or debit card and there are no complex forms to fill out.

Those who donate can watch the progress of the child's college fund on CollegeBacker. CollegeBacker Gifts makes it easy for parents to save money for the education of their kids. Birthday parties and holidays could suddenly become huge savings opportunities.