'Graffiti' 2010 by Hair Academy Stephan and New Approach

 - Aug 22, 2010   Updated: Apr 14 2011
References: stephan.bg
Inspired by graffiti's urban storytelling background, underground culture and coloring, this 'Graffiti' photo collection emphasizes this season's hottest hairstyles and style trends in a collaborative way, mixing arts, styles and techniques.

The makeup leverages the aggressive graffiti background of each shot, and the unique light of these out-of-the-studio photographs accents each hairstyle's shine and structure.

Implications - The rise in acceptance of graffiti has changed this subversive art form from a taboo, gang-associated method of communication to a gritty way to grab attention. Companies can leverage the growing popularity of graffiti by infusing ad campaigns, marketing materials and other branding initiatives with bold, colorful visuals inspired by street art or enlisting the creative services of noted graffiti artists.