The Juicepresso Uses a Cold-Press Method to Retain Natural Vitamins

 - Mar 4, 2016
References: juicepressousa & prnewswire
The Juicepresso is an innovative cold-press juicing machine that creatively squeezes the liquids out of fruits and vegetables without using heat. This allows the juices to retain the highest possible amount of vitamins and minerals that heating the juice would otherwise eliminate. The Juicepresso system allows homemade juices to be that much more healthy and beneficial due to the lack of heat in the extraction process.

Many juicers often rely on a motorized engine that heats the juice while it is being pulled from the produce. The Juicepresso diverges from this model by using a cold-press process that retains the nutrients found in the fruit and vegetables. This ensures that the juice is at its most raw and natural state when served, increasing the vitamins and nutrients delivered to the body.