Bio-Bean Recycles Coffee Energy as a Biofuel and Green Energy Source

 - Feb 26, 2015
References: bio-bean & springwise
When you hear 'coffee energy,' you probably think of the caffeine boost you get from drinking the addictive hot beverage, and not a burgeoning biofuel. In London, used coffee beans are being turned into green energy by new venture Bio-Bean.

Similar to how waste can be converted into an alternate clean energy source, coffee energy is being used to power everything from transport to buildings (including more coffee shops). Bio-Bean collects waste coffee grounds and processes them to turn it into biofuel. This process is more eco-friendly than other disposal options and helps address the 200,000 plus tonnes of coffee waste London coffee companies produce every year. The result is two different carbon-neutral products: biodiesel and biomass pellets, both of which are sold to London businesses.