This Chart Examines the Link Between Drinking Coffee and Productivity

 - Oct 27, 2014
References: tollfreeforwarding & designtaxi
This infographic explores the correlation between drinking coffee and productivity in the workplace. Made by Gryffin Media for Toll Free Forwarding, the chart aims to answer the question 'Does coffee really make you more productive at work?' The graphic offers a lot of information not just about coffee, but about how coffee affects work and how to use that to your advantage.

This infographic on coffee and productivity suggests taking your coffee break -- if you include yourself in the 63% of Americans who drink coffee at work -- when you are most chemically receptive to it (optimally between 9:30am and 11:30am or 1:30pm to 5pm). The infographic also notes the caffeine boost increases your speed, not your ability.