Coexistence by Mineo Mizuno Looks Like Lush Dioramas

 - May 16, 2013
References: mineomizuno & neatorama
The art installation titled Coexistence by Mineo Mizuno, an artist born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan and based Brooklyn, New York, revolves around a collection of living sculptures. By combining moss and stone together, he has managed to create a beautiful symbiotic relationship that many will find themselves drawn to. In a way, bringing nature indoors will always have that effect.

Nevertheless, upon looking closer at the sculptures in Coexistence by Mineo Mizuno, it becomes clear that they are captivating for another less obvious reason. It is as though the Japanese artist has somehow managed to create miniature landscapes complete with mountains, valleys and speckles of trees. Although not meant to be dioramas per se, it is easy to describe them as such. It showed at the Samuel Freeman Gallery.