Pruvit's KETO//Kreme Plus 2.0 is Derived From Natural Coconut Fat

 - Oct 11, 2017
References: getfuel.pruvitnow & amazon
Pruvit's KETO//Kreme Plus 2.0 is a natural coffee creamer alternative that is derived from healthy coconut fats. Known for its array of ketogenic health products, Pruvit offers consumers a coffee additive that boosts flavor, while also ensuring one's morning beverage of choice is nothing short of nourishing.

Each sachet of KETO//Kreme Plus 2.0 is sold in a 20-piece box, and features ingredients like organic coconut butter, collagen, MCTs -- dietary fats that optimize both mental and physical energy -- and Pruvit's patented Ceylon cinnamon which is proven to keep blood sugar levels balanced. The inventive ingredient also reduces calorie absorption, in turn allowing users to burn fat while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Appealing to health-conscious consumers, this coffee creamer alternative features less fat than most competing brands, and aims to boost energy levels naturally.