The 2ndLives Campaign Turns Empty Coca-Cola Bottles into Toys and Tools

 - Jun 1, 2014
References: us.coca-cola & designtaxi
Coca-Cola bottles are being used for more than just drinking lately. The world-renowned cola company is repurposing the bottles for its latest campaign called '2ndLives,' which is based out of Vietnam.

The campaign involves the launching of 16 new innovative bottle caps that allow bottles to be turned into a completely new object. Each re-invented bottle has a simple concept but is truly deemed useful -- especially in less prosperous countries like Vietnam.

The different functioning caps turn the bottles into things like a paintbrush, a water spray bottle, a pencil sharpener, a lamp and squeeze bottle. According to the soft drink giant, it will be giving away 40,000 of the caps in Vietnam and then move onto other countries, which have yet to be named.