Vin Mariani With Real Coca Leaves

 - Oct 15, 2007
References: prweb
Mariani Amalgamated has announced the release of Vin Mariani, a wine infused with leaves from authentic coca plants.

A recent press release revealed that UK-based Mariana Amalgamated, Ltd. was able to get approval for use of coca in their red wines. The wines are brewed and bottled in Peru, then exported.

No, these wines won't give you unbridled energy, give you the shakes or cause any effects that differentiate them from regular wines. At least not in North America.

"For markets where coca-based products are not permitted we will be using what is referred to as denatured coca leaves", the company clarified in a press release.

In addition to the wine, the company has plans to include beauty and hygiene products, foods, teas and more with a coca base.