A Delicious Clothing Brand by Coca-Cola Brazil

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: ohlalamag & cokeclothing.br
No one embodies the spirit of fun and youth in their marketing better than Coca-Cola, so doesn’t it seem to make sense that this playful, refreshing brand would have already developed their own clothing label with Coca-Cola Clothing? The line is a Brazilian fashion label of casual wear for both young women and men.

Although the brand itself is about to celebrate its 125th birthday, Coca-Cola shows no visible signs of aging. Their current winter collection reaffirms the brand as the ultimate in manufacturing cool. The campaign features rakishly thin, nubile models sporting the clothes, some while enjoying a Coke of course, captured in a way that brings to mind the bubbly energy of the soft drink.

The clothing looks as tasty as the beverage and performs double duty in its campaign by advertising for both the soda and the clothing line. When I think Coca-Cola, I think summer, and when I think summer, I think of all the great clothing I get to wear during the season and of the good times to come. Coca-Cola doing clothing, seems like a delicious idea to me.