Cloverfield & U2 3D Cause Vertigo

 - Jan 25, 2008   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: koco
Cloverfield and U2 3D use a lot of pans and zooms with hand held cameras to give the audience a special feeling. Turns out that feeling may make you barf. People who saw Cloverfield complained of nausea and a couple even need to love the porcelain goddess afterward. A film critic that reviewed U2 3D also reported Vertigo not unlike the Blair Witch Project.

Implications - With video games and horror films constantly getting more graphic, it's now difficult for artists to shock de-sensitized audiences. For this reason, films are going back to basics and removing the editing from their production line. The resulting effect is footage that is raw and riveting. Industries, especially in entertainment, can keep consumers at the edge of their seats by implementing minimal production strategies.