Cloudvertising with Flogos

 - Apr 19, 2008
References: & einnews
Trend Hunter has already introduced you to moonvertising, now get ready for cloudvertising which uses Flogos , or Flying Logos.

Francisco Guerra, the inventor of Flogos describes them as "a revolutionary way to market products, services and events".

Flogos can be created in any shape you desire to promote your brand or organization. The unique approach presents exciting opportunities for effective marketing and advertising at fairs, games, beaches and public gatherings.

Essentially, the flogos clouds are a mixture of soap-based foams and lighter-than-air gases such as helium. Re-purposed artificial snow machines are used to generate the floating ads and messages. The machine can generates Flogos at a speed of up to four per minute, flooding the air with foamy logos and brands.