This Flagship Store Features a Continuous Clothing Rail Throughout

The Chinese studio 'Neri&Hu' recently installed a continuous clothing rail inside of Comme Moi's first flagship store. When it comes to retail design, it is important to include storage for the clothing that will be on display. These designers took a unique approach to the issue of storage by installing cage-like cabinets and a continuous clothing rail throughout.

The Comme Moi store is located in Shanghai's Donghu Hotel. The store is housed inside an Art Deco building that dates back to 1925. Despite the historic exterior, the inside of the store features a highly-modern design. The store consists of four sequential chambers that are connected by a continuous clothing rail. Each room also features cage-like cabinets that hang from the continuous railing. The use of metal mesh and gold-covered railings serves as a contrast to the structure's existing architectural details.

The store ultimately serves as an interesting example of how designers can integrate separate retail spaces.