The Clothing Printer Lets You Make Clothes at Home

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: jhharris.prosite & tuvie
The Clothing Printer is an intriguing device created by designer Joshua Harris. The gadget is exactly what it sounds like: a printer which can make clothing. The conceptual printer would be used to help cut down on the waste created by the fashion industry. The machine would hold packs of thread and would be connected to the Internet. To create a shirt, one would first buy a pack of thread from a designer or store. Then, the user would go online and select what outfit they would like to print. The piece of clothing would then be printed at home, cutting out the whole shipping and distributing process.

The best feature of the Clothing Printer is its ability to recycle old clothes. The printer simply removes the thread and stores it for use in future creations. Harris' design is merely a concept, but it might not be long before a clothing company looking to cut overhead decides to create something similar to this design.