The Clockwork Apple Concept is a Sleek and Eco iWatch Proposal

It's fascinating to see all of the different ideas that industrial designers are generating in anticipation of the Apple iWatch. The Clockwork Apple is one of such concepts, offering a range of futuristic features.

The face of the timepiece is, perhaps surprisingly, not a touchscreen surface. Instead, it's an OLED display that discourages grubby fingerprints to maintain a high-gloss appearance. A strip just below the digital dial functions as a sensitive touchpad and a pair of buttons adjacent to it are the device's volume controls. Tolga Tuncer's iWatch also has a solar cell band on the top for eco-friendly energy generation.

The Clockwork Apple syncs with your iMac computer, your MacBook laptop, your iPad and iPhone through Cloud. Your music collection and more will always be at hand.