The 'Cool on the Go' Clip Fan Provides Customized Cooling Anywhere

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: coolonthego & coolonthego
Consumers with health ailments such as high blood pressure and/or hot flashes that require a constant source of cooling are being aided with products like the 'Cool on the Go' Clip Fan.

Created to be an omnidirectional cooling device that can be worn, clipped or placed on a surface, the 'Cool on the Go' Clip Fan features a whisper-quiet design that won't disturb those around you when in use. Best of all, the cooling device keeps all moving parts house within, so it's safe to be used around children.

Able to be paired with rechargeable batteries to help make the device more eco-friendly, the 'Cool on the Go' Clip Fan comes with an extended one-year warranty and comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.