These Clever Seating Arrangements by Simona Sacchi Mimic Barnacles

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: simonasacchi
Inspired by the sea barnacle, these nature chairs will populate the floor as welcomed guests rather than unwanted pests. BalanUS is an award-winning project by designer Simona Sacchi. The unique and cylindrical forms have a likeness to crustaceans, which makes them great for seaside homes or nautical-themed abodes.

The name BalanUS is taken directly from the inspiration of the project. Balanus Amphitrite is a specific type of acorn barnacle, which is normally in colonies. The chairs resemble this by coming together and mimicking the colony in a seating area. The chair designs are in white and a brownish orange, which are similar in color to the Balanus Amphitrite, but they would look good in any color combination and may even suit a mixture of colors.