Clemens Fantur Enters the Subconscious Through Surreal Still Moments

It seems that photographer Clemens Fantur runs no risk of forgetting the dreams that persist in his sleeping life. His inviting portfolio is ridden with snapshots that freeze the most striking moments of the mysterious stories the brain tells while sleeping.

Whether of stunning landscapes or people, each shot possesses a supernatural element and air of ghostliness that is both haunting and seductive. Striking a balance between sadness and hope, Fantur's photos evoke raw, yet familiar emotions through his gold-tinted lens. Although he is based in Vienna, location is no object for the photographer who captures the limitlessness of dreams through his diverse portfolio.

Implications - The mystery and fascination that underlies dreams is the inspiration behind much artwork. Though many of the answers people are seeking remain unknown in science, artists are able to provide consumers with a sense of escape from many societal woes. Companies would be wise to provide escapist qualities in campaigns to appeal to these individuals.