Clearly Social Angels Attempts to Bring Ideas Together

 - Mar 31, 2013
References: clearlyso & pioneerspost
Clearly Social Angels (CSA) is an affiliate of ClearlySo, the website, community and directory of social businesses. More specifically, CSA is a network that attempts to bring together investors and entrepreneurs in a way to go from ideas to emerging businesses to entities with a strong base and thus significant capabilities in terms of its social and environmental missions.

If you become a part of the CSA network itself, the opportunities included: deal flow, angel training, access to events, help from the ClearlySo volunteers, among others. According to Suzanne Biegel, who recently wrote a piece on female social finance, the network is about half women and those that approach the network are also approximately half women.

CSA is partnered with Field Fisher Waterhouse, which is a law firm in Europe that it itself supports entrepreneurship through legal means.

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