Kipposhi's 'Clear Chicken Soup Blue' is Made with Spirulina and Ramen

 - Jan 24, 2017
References: instagram & hellogiggles
In Tokyo, Japan, the Kipposhi restaurant is now serving an unusual ramen dish that's bring called 'Clear Chicken Soup Blue.' True to its name, the dish is made with a broth that makes use of a Chinese cooking technique and the naturally blue algae spirulina, which creates a finished food product that's incredibly rich with flavor.

For years, restaurants and manufacturers have avoided making food items that boast "unappetizing" colors, such as blue, since they are instinctively regarded as unnatural. However, a new interest in algae as a food source has popularized a variety of food and beverages that are intensely blue or even green, naturally. Some are even affectionately calling this unique soup dish from Kipposhi "unicorn ramen."