The JPLiving SilverBamboo Self-Cleaning Towels are Hygienic

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: kickstarter & homecrux
The JPLiving SilverBamboo self-cleaning towels are engineered to be one of the most sanitary linens to ever be created. Funding now on Kickstarter, the JPLiving SilverBamboo towels are created using a revolutionary blend of bamboo and silver. This allows the towels to stay inherently fresh even after use.

The secret to the JPLiving SilverBamboo towel's success is the blending of materials; the silver and bamboo materials won't let bacteria stick to it and keep it 99.9% bacteria-free after use.

Washing a towel after every use is economically and ecologically not a very efficient process. The JPLiving SilverBamboo self-cleaning towel enables users to use a towel multiple times over before needing to wash it, which will help to increase the product life and reduce the resources consumed in the cleaning process.