The Clean Life Device Offers Emotional and Mental Support During Cessation

 - Jan 17, 2013
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Beyond the physical urges to light up a smoke, the biggest part of the quitting battle is about conquering the psychological aspect. The Clean Life system provides the advantages of a doctor, a therapist and a support group all in one to ease the challenges of ending your dependency on cigarettes.

The Decision Reminder device has a small clip so that you can wear it on your watch, your necklace or you sock. It's got galvanic skin sensors that notify you when chemicals detected are indicative of emotional peaks. A noise teaches you to recognize this feeling and to stay focused on your goal. The Breath Analyzer collects information about your lung capacity. The pair of them work together to track your progress and connect you to an online community of quitters. Omer Haciomeroglu's Clean Life is all about information and encouragement rather than nicotine substitutions.