The Dirty Library Blog Turns Classic Books Inappropriate

 - Jul 27, 2013
References: dirtylibrary.tumblr & buzzfeed
Everyone grew up reading the classic books of their childhood generation, from Goodnight Moon to Cat in the Hat. Tumblr blog Dirty Library takes these classic books and renders them inappropriately dirty by changing the title, cover image and even the book's plot line. The results are a slew of parody-inspired newly formed classic children's books.

The Dirty Library blog does a great job at being satirical while still maintaining the recognizable parts of the original classic books. Each of the books that have been rendered "dirty" are drawn by a child's hand with the added changes. For example, the popular Goodnight Moon cover has been updated to feature the image of a naked bum in the window of the green room and Alice in Wonderland has been changed to Alice in a Wonderbra.