These Clark Goolsby Art Works Fuse Pop Culture References

 - Jul 4, 2014
References: clarkgoolsby & lanciatrendvisions
Visual artist Clark Goolsby creates these eye-catching and nostalgic collages that are a nod to 80s and 90s pop culture imagery. The over-saturated art works fuse a range of geometric elements and objects together to create abstract visuals.

Playing with a viewer's perception, these fluorescent and surreal portraits are reminiscent of another time. "The mixed media and technicolor works speak of a crisis of knowledge that is sparked by an informational overload."

Artist Clark Goolsby touches on society's obsession with technology and their preoccupation with the internet. His collages are a visual translation of one's brain when it is over-stimulated with information. These pieces illustrate the internet as a hub of ideas but also depict it as a disruptive force in the search for mental balance.