City Slickers by Terry Tsiolis Makes Cowhide Truly Versatile

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: elle & fashioncopious.typepad
At a guess, most fashion-conscious Westerners may have between one and five leather garments tucked away for special occasions, so it's quite a surprise to see the material used so liberally throughout City Slickers by Terry Tsiolis.

The sheepskin trench coats, calfskin boots and cropped leather jackets are edgy, but not out of the norm. It's the lace-up dresses, the red leather pants and the black hide bustier that may incite entirely new ideas about animal pelts in fashion.

The thing about this fabric is that it's best worn skintight, so it was a wise choice to use Gwen Loos as the model for this Elle US editorial. The woman's impeccable figure and wild wavy locks strike a beautiful balance between soft and edgy in City Slickers by Terry Tsiolis.