This Delicious Cinnamon Roll is Made Conveniently in a Mug

 - Oct 3, 2015
References: theironyou & theironyou
Fans of cinnamon buns looking for a healthier and paleo alternative can try this delicious Cinnamon Roll in a Mug recipe by food blog The Iron You that makes the perfectly sized roll inside a cup. The recipe is ideal for single sugar cravings by making only one cinnamon roll at a time.

Unlike a traditional cinnamon roll, this recipe doesn't use any dairy and subs in coconut oil for butter, almond milk instead of milk and adds other healthy alternatives such as coconut flour instead of all-purpose and the option to use a flax eggs. The ingredient and spices are mixed together in a cup or small bowl before being microwaved for two minutes. Then the cinnamon cake is topped with a swirled frosting made from coconut butter, almond milk, lemon juice and coconut sugar.