The 'CineMode' Movie App Rewards Consumers for Good Behavior

The 'CineMode' movie app is a unique application that rewards well-behaved movie-goers. In the age of smartphones, one of the biggest problems for cinemas are consumers who text or take phone calls during movies. This app helps to keep eyes on the screen by rewarding those who resist the urge to pull out their phone during a film.

CineMode was developed by Cinemark Holdings Inc. as a way to reward movie-goers who demonstrate good behavior. Those who do not text or make calls during a movie can reap rewards such as free soda and discounted concessions. In turn, other movie-goers benefit from a quieter theater experience with fewer distractions. The app also allows users to find cinema locations, search for showtimes and purchase tickets, which ultimately keeps consumers engaged even after they have left the theater.

The unique movie app demonstrates how cinemas can engage consumers with rewards while simultaneously fostering a more enjoyable in-theater experience.