The 'Moonlight' Cigarette Holder is a Chic Way to Encapsulate a Smoke

 - May 2, 2016
References: wweenn & yankodesign
It could be argued that the prevalence of vaporizers and ecigarettes is driving down the smoking of actual cigarettes, but for those that still partake the 'Moonlight' cigarette holder is a beautiful accessory.

Designed to encapsulate a cigarette in its entirety, the 'Moonlight' works as a sleeve for cigarettes. A single cigarette is placed inside the sleeve and light; the latter portion of the unit is placed over it and screwed on. From here, the 'Moonlight' allows smokers to place their cigarette anywhere they wish without fear of burns or fires.

The 'Moonlight' cigarette holder is the design work of Wen W and is a chic way to enjoy a cigarette without having to worry about keeping an ashtray around. After use, the 'Moonlight' is opened with the ashes easily poured out.