BLÜME by Cigar Zen Simplifies Cigar Humidification

 - Oct 31, 2016
References: cigarzen
How was your first cigar smoking experience? Cigars that aren't kept at a consistent temperature and relative humidity levels end up tasting quite dry and harsh. As a result, the memories they leave are not great.

BLÜME by Cigar Zen is set to change the way everyone from the cigar novice to the aficionado ages and manages their cigars. BLÜME is both an active humidifier and a connected app, designed to take the guesswork out of cigar humidification and cultivating a better smoking experience.

BLÜME uses atomizing transduction to create tiny water droplets that exit the device via vapor to better regulate the relative humidity (RH) levels of the humidor. The app is fully connected, knowing the RH levels at all times and notifying you if they fluctuate, if water levels dip or if battery power is running low. From an inventory management standpoint, the app delivers real-time notifications when cigars have been aged in the optimal environment for the ideal length of time and are therefore ready to be smoked.

By marrying the beauty, care and craftsmanship of the cigar industry with the capabilities modern technology offers, Cigar Zen is committed to delivering an optimized experience for every cigar smoker.