The Church of Reformation Dissolves Stricter Concepts of Ritual

 - May 28, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
While you're observing these images of the Church of Reformation, you may be surprised to accept that they do in fact depict a proposal for a religious structure. Perhaps you've seen some more modern-looking places of worship crop up in larger cities, but few even begin to approach the level of radical abstraction that this project embodies.

Appearance is what makes Fernando Herrera's cathedral immediately noteworthy, yet it's the building's function and spirit that have dictated the unconventional form. The new Our Lady of Los Angeles would be born from the notion of community and thus requires a more flexible architectural program with various smaller rooms for different activities. With an overall visual impression of giant cracked dinosaur eggs wrapped in molten metal tendrils, the Church of Reformation also subtly references the religion's roots in the catacombs.