Celebrate Two Holidays in One with the Christmas Tree Dreidel

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: orleviteh & notcot.org
Not everyone solely celebrates Christmas or Hannukah, but those who celebrate either, or even both, will love the Christmas Tree Dreidel.

Designed by Or Leviteh, who has a background in Industrial Design from H.I.T. in Israel and presently lives in New York, the Christmas Tree Dreidel comes in a classic green and red design as well as silver. The dreidel looks like a Christmas tree when standing upright and a traditional dreidel when upside down.

Spread the love this holiday season and celebrate even more with this festive Christmas Tree Dreidel.

Implications - Products that entertain while completing a function attract consumers who want to complete multiple tasks with one purchase. Companies looking to increase their popularity could develop more designs that offer these two elements.