The Christian Louboutin Red-Soled Christmas Trees are a Delight

The Christian Louboutin red-soled Christmas trees featured in their New York boutiques is a fashionista's Christmas dream come true. The classic red sole of Christian Louboutin shoes is proudly displayed to the world in all of its glory as the branches of the stores' Christmas trees. Atop every tree is a glitzy and glamorous Louboutin shoe worthy of Carrie Bradshaw herself.

The trademark logo of a Louboutin shoe, the bright laquer red underside, has recently come under fire as others have attempted to steal the look. Though the company does not own the legal right to have their signature look truly trademarked, it will always be known as the Louboutin look.

These festive and gorgeous trees are waiting for you to stop by and check them out for yourself.