The Chris Platt Metamorphic Jewelry Line are Not Your Conventional Jewels

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: chrisplattdesign & coolhunting
The Chris Platt metamorphic jewelry line deconstructs the beliefs of what jewelry is meant to look like and reinforces guidelines that focus on the overall styling of the piece. Instead of using precious jewels and metals to dazzle the beholders eyes, Platt's jewelry focuses more on craftsmanship and the fusing of common rocks with forged steel.

Platt's rock jewelry concept is an unexpected industrialized vision of what new-age accessories should look like. His conception of rings, earrings and cuff links uses silver solder and stainless steel rods curved and bent to add sheen and glamour rather than sparkly crystalline diamonds and gems. Pieces from his line are highly atypical, but carry fierce and urban quality about them.

The Chris Platt metamorphic jewelry line is handmade and definitely worth a peek. It will make you appreciate the gravel on your driveway.