Handmade Goods To Inspire Torn Couples Like Chris Brown and Rihanna

 - Feb 16, 2009
References: etsy
If Chris Brown and Rihanna wanted to announce their outrage over their nasty breakup, then these handmade trinkets might just do the trick!

The items include:
1. Keyboard 'Replace' key ring by Culturerevolution

2. Orange voodoo doll by destinationhandmade

3. You and I have different lifestyles...cards by Snarkycards

4. Ex-boyfriend nesting dolls by belleslettres

5. VintageVixens2 bags that read "My Boyfriend is Dead..." on the outside and inside, "TO ME. I am pleased to announce the return of my sanity and my availability."

6. Embroidered hedgehog break up hanky by stitchado

7. The It's Not You It's Me tee by superstudio

8. Vintage romance breakup magnets by McYarnpants

9. Fierce handpainted breakup planks by hollypaints

10. Breakup sculpture figurines by TheMidnightOrange

Found on Etsy.com, all of these items were inspired by bad breakups, and if anyone understands what that's like, it's Chris Brown and Rihanna.