Emilie Guelpa's Choose Your Color Series is Delicious

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: griottes.fr & inspire.2ia.pl
Bright and fun, the Choose Your Color photo and culinary series is inspired by Pantone chips. The 'plates' (or what look more like giant frosted crackers) take on the shape of the Pantone chips, while various foods such as berries, spices and diced vegetables are used to represent the actual color indicated by the number underneath. For instance, Pantone 485 C is a shade of red that is symbolized by cherry tomatoes.

Assembled and photographed by French artist Emilie Guelpa of Griottes, Palette Culinaire, the Choose Your Color series is all about the details. Everything about each still somehow pays tribute to Pantone. The spoons are semi-dipped in corresponding colors and added paper props mimic the aesthetic of the color chips.