This Chocolate Waffle is Prepared with a Decadent Brownie Batter

 - Aug 3, 2015
References: refinery29
In celebration of August as National Brownie Month, Refinery29 created this decadent chocolate waffle recipe. The recipe calls for the same types of ingredients that are used in a normal brownie recipe, such as a brownie batter, melted butter and eggs, but where this recipe deviates is with the appliance that is used for cooking.

Rather than pouring the thick brownie batter into a pan for baking, this Waffle Iron Brownie recipe calls for a griddle, so that the treat can be prepared in the same form as a classic waffle.

With the square-shaped indents the griddle leaves behind, this makes adding to the chocolate waffle brownie with sprinkles, syrup, whipped cream and other treats that much easier, as if these toppings were protected by many small chocolate brownie walls.