These Chocolate Candy Wrappers Poke Fun at American Politics

 - May 26, 2016
References: theguardian & dezeen
Design Army joined up with Harper Macaw to create chocolate candy wrappers that joke about different political viewpoints.

The designs do not target one specific group as they look to make light of the controversial American elections as a whole. As Pum Lefebure of Design Army explains, "I wanted to do something for DC politics to make it a little less 'bitter'."

The Republican Party is represented on the chocolate candy wrappers as a luxuriously dressed elephant in the 'Red State bar' and the chocolate inside is dark and infused with red berries. The 'Left Wing' bar design illustrates a group of nuts protesting against the inhumane use of nuts of the bar inside. Other designs include names such as the 'Flip-Flopper,' 'Taxation Without Representation,' 'Tea Party' and the 'Filibuster' -- each of which uses its theme as a means to inspire the chocolate flavor inside.