The HARDCORE SPICE SNACKS are Deliciously Branded with Intensity

With snacking continuing to gain popularity with a number of consumer demographics, the HARDCORE SPICE SNACKS are newly design chip snacks with a vibrant visual identity. A conceptual product lineup created by Agencia Bud in Brazil, HARDCORE SPICE SNACKS focus on creating a visual punch with the packaging to convey the taste and spice intensity.

Including such flavors as Cayenne Pepper, Habanero Pepper, JalapeƱo Pepper and Extreme Hot Sauce, the HARDCORE SPICE SNACKS are expressively colorful and a true feast for the eyes.

Fast-paced lifestyles have augmented many consumers to require smaller meals and snacks rather than sitting down and consuming a proper meal at one time. The HARDCORE SPICE SNACKS identify how brands can speak with consumers and convey flavor variety with products like chip snacks by utilizing a punchy aesthetic and tone.