The Chinese Zodiac Wine Labels are for Star Gazers and Animal Lovers

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: turntopage84 & thedieline
These colorful, animalistic characters on the Chinese Zodiac Wine collection may or may not be familiar to you, but they definitely are a great addition to this alcohol packaging. Crafted by designer Jag Nagra, these vibrant labels are sure to please even if you don't look to the stars to determine your future. Created as party favors at an elaborate party celebrating a couple's successful adoption of a child from China, the Chinese Zodiac Wine labels feature the animals that make up each cycle of the year from snake to rooster.

The Chinese Zodiac Wine labels mimic the styling and subject matter found on the invitations to the party. Each animal is vibrantly colored using a palette of pink, brown and yellow. The animals themselves are angular and extremely stylized. Perfectly understated and gorgeously simplistic, these illustrations make a lasting impact on the viewer.

Sure to have you casting your eyes skywards in search of answers, these Chinese Zodiac wine labels are pitch perfect.