These Irma Gruenholz 'Children Book' Illustrations are Imaginative

Madrid, Spain-based illustrator and designer Irma Gruenholz recently drew up a slew of digital 'Children Books' illustrations that do well to evoke the sprawling whimsy of a child's imagination.

For kids, everyday scenes, like those found in the typical home, can become fanciful settings of surrealism and fun. From clocks with faces to families of talking mice, Gruenholz illustrates this point well.

The digital techniques used to render the characters and scenes featured in Children Books create an aesthetic reminiscent of claymation. It conjures memories of classic shows like 'Wallace and Gromit' that only help to build on the already plentiful whimsy and imagination of the illustrations.

These digital drawings would indeed make fitting visual accompaniments to children's books; though they could just as easily inspire a television show or even a movie.