The Tot-Improvised 'Kid Snippets: Salesman' Clip by BoredShortsTV

 - Aug 27, 2012
References: youtube & neatorama
Remember a time long ago in your childhood when you would play pretend, acting out the deep and introspective dialogue you thought that adults would have between each other in their respective career choices? Well the 'Kid Snippets: Salesman' clip by BoredShortsTV will bring you back.

In the debut episode of Kid Snippets by BoredShortsTV, the fine thespians managed to reveal the essence of the genius being bandied about by two children as they bare their souls as the prototypical and classic archetypes of salesman and customer.

Improvised to its very core, the impeccable clip shows the duo have their spoken word used as a dub for adult actors, who then mimic the children's speech in recreating the visceral, real-life situations that are created in what can only be called the miasma of a child's mind.

In other words, it's the audio of two kids pretending to be a penguin salesman and a distracted customer set to the video of two grown adults acting out the words. Enjoy the first in a continuing series from BoredShortsTV.