The Chihuahua Taco Holder is a Cute Way to Serve a Favorite Mexican Dish

 - Dec 5, 2013
References: odditymall
For families that love to indulge on tacos once a week, the chihuahua taco holder will definitely come in handy.

This adorable kitchen tool has the face of an adorable chihuahua. However, in place of a full body are three separated sections that are the perfect size for holding stuffed tacos. The set comes with two chihuahuas so you're able to serve six tacos at once.

The chihuahua taco holder is helpful when you're building your taco. Instead of having to balance the shell in your hand while you fill it with must-have contents, the holder keeps it in place so you can top it off as much as you like! Likewise, if you're carrying tacos to the table to serve, holding two chihuahuas in a secure space is a lot easier than trying to hold six without spilling ingredients.